Welcome to Chef For Hire!

Chef For Hire is a privately owned company that specializes in small corporate events, holiday occasions, birthday’s and more.
My name is Martha Gouveia and I am the founder of “ A Chef For Hire” a service that caters to just about any event. I am a wife, mother, friend and boss and I know that things are not always easy. So I am here to make your life just a little easier on you and enjoy your gathering without a fuss.
I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and have experienced the taste of every country that I have visited or lived.I believe that after all these years, one of the things that I most enjoy is the happiness, opportunity and honor to be a part of so many special celebrations.
I love the feeling I get when I entertain my guests, serving delicious meals I have gathered through life and seeing them feel content after,this is  
the  biggest reward at the end.

After all the years of learning and performing my abilities in the cooking field, I desire to move one step more and jump into what I named Chef For Hire Catering Service. And putting together all the pieces that I and my wonderful team need in order to start.
I believe it will be a true challenge and the most wonderful adventure. I bring to life the years cooking in my mother’s and grandma’s kitchen.
My team and I especially will be more than happy to assist you with all your events!
We also speak Spanish (hablamos espanol)
Welcome to our wonderful family.
Bienvenidos a nuestra familia de Chef For Hire.